Business Media Suitable for Housewives – Currently, there are several choices of business media for housewives who want to become entrepreneurs.

This collection of platforms is known to be effective and very flexible for developing businesses. So even housewives can run their business directly from home without the hassle.

The dream of becoming a momprenuer can also be achieved. This is because the choice of business media will help housewives to be wiser in managing their business and family.

So, indeed, what are the business media options for housewives that you can use? Come on, see the full summary below!

Business Media for Housewives

Business Media Suitable for Housewives

Here are five business media for housewives:

1. Group chats

The first business medium for housewives is group chat.

Usually, there are chat groups specifically for housewives in certain neighborhoods or regions, either through the WhatsApp or Telegram applications.

As a mompreneur, you can use these two applications to introduce and market business products.

Thus, your product will be known by local residents and can even spread to other environments.

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2. Cooperative

The next business medium for housewives is cooperatives.

Cooperatives are generally used as a forum for economic organizations driven by local residents.

However, this agency also invites young entrepreneurs and MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) to showcase their business products.

So, seeing this, housewives can take advantage of cooperative containers as a medium to sell their business results.

Cooperatives themselves are usually located in strategic locations close to residential areas.

Thus, the need to reach targets and know market tastes can be completed more quickly.

3. Kiosk

Another business medium for housewives is the kiosk.

Apart from selling products through group chats and cooperatives, another suitable option is at the kiosk.

You are not required to have your own kiosk to sell merchandise. Because, leaving groceries with the kiosk owner is enough to bring profit.

As a suggestion, enter a variety of products that you can offer for sale in the kiosk. You can sell clothes, food, cakes, knick-knacks to daily necessities.

Even so, don’t forget to choose a kiosk placement that suits your business merchandise.

For example, if you want to sell school supplies, choose areas such as markets and residential areas.

Don’t let the kiosk become deserted because it sells merchandise that doesn’t suit the needs of the people in the area.

4. E-commerce

The next business medium for housewives is e-commerce.

E-commerce has become a favorite and practical media that is often used by many business people.

Why is that? This is because today’s society and customers prefer to shop online.

Seeing this, as a momprenuer, there’s nothing wrong for you to try selling on that platform.

Apart from not needing a physical place to sell merchandise, selling on e-commerce can also save you time and effort.

The reason is, you can monitor the traffic of buyers online while doing household activities, without having to wait in one place like in a store.

Thus, business and family needs can be carried out simultaneously.

5. Social media

The last business media for housewives is social media.

Almost similar to e-commerce, selling via social media such as Instagram and Facebook can be an option for momprenuers.

This is true because there are many conveniences offered from using social media. One of them is to make the selling process more practical.

Although they are quite similar, there are several things that differentiate the business sales process on social media and e-commerce.

On social media platforms, you need to determine your own rules and policies in managing the selling process.

Don’t let yourself become a loss because you don’t set firm rules with buyers.

As a suggestion, you can take an example of an online business strategy and work pattern that has succeeded in making a profit on social media.

Also, don’t forget to promote the product properly. For example, you can launch daily content and take advantage of supporting features such as IG Stories on Instagram.

The Final Word

Those are some business media that housewives can use to sell. Hope this is useful and don’t forget to check other interesting information only at!

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