Small Capital Property Investments That Need To Be Implemented – Property Investment Small Capital that Needs to Be Implemented – As many Indonesians understand that property is one of the most desirable investment instruments, this is because property offers a lot of advantages.

Property can meet short-term needs such as a temporary residence or place of business, and can also meet long-term needs such as retirement savings or what is commonly known as investment.

Property can be said as an investment because the price of each property itself tends to increase over time. Especially if the property is in a strategic location and is free from natural disasters. There are several ways that investors can use for Small Capital Property Investment, which are as follows:

Make Joint Property Purchases

Small Capital Property Investments That Need To Be Implemented

If there is a property with a high enough price, say 1 billion and you only have 50% of the required capital to acquire the property. Then the easiest way to invest in the property you want is to find a partner who has the same vision as you.

Where your potential partner can see the potential benefits of the property you are going to invest. When you buy property in a joint venture to reduce the capital that must be spent, there are a number of things you need to pay attention to, namely:

Characteristics of your partner

Because by knowing the characteristics of partners, you can get an idea of how they behave when you and your partner already own the property. So look for a partner who has a positive character so you are not confused by your partner’s behavior later.

For example, such as requests that may not make sense, such as asking for money back quickly where your partner’s request can no longer be included in the investment calculations that you have made.

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Investment orientation owned by your partner

Basically property investment is a long-term investment, so it can be said that property investors will benefit in the next few years, say the next five to ten years.

When you find a potential partner who has an orientation

investment with a long-term perspective in accordance with the principles of property investment, then you can offer them to buy the property you want and start drawing up an agreement that will benefit both parties.

A business agreement that benefits both parties

As explained in the second point, that when you find potential partners that suit your long-term investment perspective, you can offer them to join the joint venture and start arranging related business agreements with terms and conditions that can benefit both parties. The agreement is useful for keeping the relationship and investment vision in line with the desired path.

Running a Homestay Business

The next way is to do a homestay business. For this one method, you can invest by buying a house or building it from scratch. After that, make the investment property of the house a homestay, rented house, or even a boarding house.

This business can indeed be said to require a lot of capital, especially for those of you who don’t have land to build a homestay. But you don’t need to worry because now there are many banks that can provide loans with small capital for those who want to set up a homestay. If the main capital needed to build this business is too big for you, then there are other solutions that can be done.

You only need to rent an unmaintained or unused house. After that, do a little renovation to the house so that it becomes a livable place to live in and of course it must be clean so that it can attract the attention of anyone who wants to live there.

To run this property investment business, you also have to pay attention to the area of the house. Look for places that are easy to reach and crowded, such as on campus areas, industrial areas, and offices. That way, your chances of getting customers will be even greater.

Become a Property Agent

The next way to invest in small capital property is to become a property agent. If in the previous method you did not have investment in property, then in this method you can join as a property agent in business and property offices in Indonesia.

The advantage of this method is that you can get a lot of knowledge and experience to become a professional property agent. Not only that, you can also get lots of links related to properties that can be sold. Apart from that, you will also get a certain amount of commission from the profits of the office where you work as a property agent from every property sale.

Become a Property Realtor

The first way to invest in small capital property that you can do is to become a property broker. You have to instill the thought that the property business is not just about buying property and then reselling it. By becoming a realtor, you can also invest in property.

This business system is quite simple. All you need to do is look for properties near where you live that are available for sale. Most importantly, the property has not been advertised. This method requires you to be active and carefully look at various properties that have selling points.

For example, you find a property in the form of an empty house that has a sale value. Find people who own homes and offer yourself as a broker or intermediary in the sale of the home. If the landlord agrees with your offer, then advertise the house on your behalf and start marketing it to get interested buyers. You can also do advertising in the form of banners, internet ads, newspaper ads, and other advertising media.

It is important to remember, when selling your home, you must set a price that is higher than what the homeowner is asking for. In other words, the profit you earn is equal to the total value you gave when you sold the house.

In addition, usually the home owner will also provide a commission from the sale value. The common rate of commission is 2.5%. Very interesting isn’t it? For example, the value of the house is 500 million rupiah. Then your commission is worth 12.5 million. Eat it, right?

Building a Property Website

Surely you are confused, why do you build a website? Even though you want to buy a property with small capital. This is related to the knowledge capital that you must have when you want to buy property with small capital.

Because when you build a website with main content that discusses property, you can find out the ins and outs related to property so that when you want to invest in property, you already know the market price of the property you are looking at and also what the benefits are. Lack of properties that catch your eye. which you can use as material to negotiate so that property prices go down.

Not to mention when you build your own website that provides a place for property sellers to offer their properties, where you will get two direct benefits, namely a commission from the property seller and you can also sort out which properties have the potential to be bid so that you can buy property at low prices. .

There are two most common obstacles that prevent individuals from owning their own property, namely the lack of knowledge regarding property so they cannot make a bold decision in buying a property and the second is being constrained by considerable financial capital.

Indeed, with sufficient financial capital, it will be directly proportional to the profit that will be obtained in a certain period of time, although this will take quite a long time. Why is it taking so long?

Because property prices tend to increase with increasingly narrow land available and the number of residents continues to grow, this requires patience from property investors to achieve such a moment.

The capital that has been known so far is actually not only about money or finance, but there are several other forms of capital that investors can use to own the coveted property, what are they?

Namely knowledge capital and relational capital. Where these two capitals can actually reduce the need for investors related to financial capital to obtain a property that will provide benefits in the future.

This is my explanation of Small Capital Property Investment that needs to be implemented, I hope this is useful, thank you.

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