Starting the Most Effective Property Business for Beginners – There are various business ideas that you can implement in the modern era like now. One thing that Carinastad friends can try is the property business.

What is the real estate business? The property business is a business activity, both individuals and companies, that manages assets in the form of land and buildings.

Land and building assets can be in various forms. Starting from houses, shophouses (shops), apartments, office buildings, malls, hotels, boarding houses, and so on. These buildings can be used as residences or places to open new businesses.

So, what types of property business are there? What property business benefits can you get? Is it possible to start a small capital property business? In order to find out the answer in full, let’s see the explanation until it’s finished!

What is the real estate business?

Starting the Most Effective Property Business for Beginners

As previously mentioned, the property business is a form of business that can be undertaken individually or as a company and is engaged in managing land and buildings.

Currently, the property business is a business that is easily accessible to anyone, both buyers and sellers. With various technologies that are increasingly developing, now you can also start an online property business using various websites and applications.

The development of the property business in Indonesia

Even though it was stagnant, the development of the property business in Indonesia is starting to get a breath of fresh air. The pandemic is increasingly getting intensive handling and the Indonesian economy continues to improve.

Based on the submission of the CEO of Indonesia Property Watch (IPW), the property market is likely to experience an increase of 10-15% in 2021. This increase will run exponentially. Thus, you can invest your funds in the property business from now on.

Starting a small capital property business

Is the property business a business that requires large capital? The answer is not always. You can try the property business by becoming an agent for a certain company. Apart from that, you can also try to become an independent property agent.

The purpose of property agents, both independent and corporate, are people who offer various properties such as houses, apartments, shop houses and other buildings to prospective buyers. If they succeed in inviting buyers, they will get a pre-agreed commission.

So you don’t need to worry. Because, the property business is a business that can be run with small capital.

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Property business type

In general, there are two types of property businesses that you need to know about. This type of property business is divided based on its function, namely residential and business premises. In order not to get confused, here is the explanation:

Residential area

A dwelling place is a building whose designation is used for residence. Examples of property business for residential areas are houses, apartments, boarding houses, hotels, and so on. The purchase can be permanent and lease.

For example, Carinastad friends have a house that is not being used. The house can be used for the property business. You can sell it permanently to potential buyers or rent it out for a certain period of time to potential tenants.

Place of business

A place of business is a building whose purpose is to run a particular business. An example of a property business for a place of business is a shop house (ruko) or a certain building that is specifically built for business.

Similar to a place of residence, a place of business is not always permanently owned. You can also rent out these buildings for a certain period of time. Thus, the ownership rights remain in your hands and you can still benefit through regular rental fees.

Property business profits

The goal of running a real estate business is to make a profit. There are 3 advantages of the property business that you need to know. What are they? Here’s the explanation:

Not affected by inflation

First, the advantage of the property business is that it will not be affected by inflation. Inflation is a drastic increase in the value of various goods and is accompanied by a decrease in people’s purchasing power. By investing your money in this business, the value of your money will be maintained.

The higher the value if in a strategic location

Second, the advantage of the property business is that you will increasingly get higher property values if you have buildings in strategic locations.

Examples include buildings near large malls, near public facilities, around places to eat, and so on. The more and closer to these places, the higher the value and quality.

The selling price is increasing

Third, the advantage of the property business is that the selling price can increase. From year to year, land and building prices can increase. So, for example, if you bought a house for IDR 500 million in 2021, the selling price could increase to IDR 550-600 million the following year.

How to start a real estate business

How? Are you ready to run this business? To make it easier, there are 5 ways to start a property business that you can apply. Understand the explanation below:

Do some research

First, the method of property business is to carry out research as needed. This research can provide you with certain analytical results that can be used as a basis for determining property business goals and strategies.

Define real estate business goals

If so, the next property business way is to determine your business goals. Do you want to get big profits in one transaction or get regular profits.

If you choose the former, then the buy-sell model is more suitable for you. On the other hand, if you want to get smaller and constant profits, then it is better to rent your property to other people.

Set a property business strategy

In addition to goals, the real estate business method is to determine your property business strategy. For example, if you choose to rent a building for students, then you can build the building near a certain campus.

Another example, if you want to make big profits, you can buy land in an area where the purchase price is cheap and the potential selling price can increase in the next few years. Then, you can wait a few years while building the building.

Diligently promote the property

Your property will not be noticed by people if it is not promoted. The next property business way is to promote diligently. You can offer it via the internet or print media.

Build connections and business relationships

One way to do a small property business is by building connections and business relationships. Friends of Carinastad can try by buying and selling houses owned by family or friends. Because, close people will give more trust if you are able to run the business.

In addition, if your name in the property business is getting bigger, buildings can be offered more broadly. Thus, the potential for buying or leasing is also increasing.


Starting a real estate business is not easy. There is a long road that you need to tread. Make sure you prepare yourself when starting a property business, so that you can get the maximum profit, friends of Carinastad. Happy doing business!

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